Who is Bethany?

Who We Are

At Bethany it is our mission to Love, Obey and Proclaim Jesus Christ.

Bethany  Church is a Christ-centered, Spirit-filled, Bible based, united congregation doing God’s work to provide all individuals the opportunity for spiritual growth by living for Christ through unconditional acceptance of Jesus as Lord and Savior.

As United Methodists, we have an obligation to bear a faithful Christian witness to Jesus Christ, the living reality at the center of the Church’s life and witness. To fulfill this obligation, we reflect critically on our biblical and theological inheritance, striving to express faithfully the witness we make in our own time.

We have 4 priorities here at Bethany: Excellence in Worship, Generosity in Missions, Christian Education for Children & Youth, and a Family Lifestyle Ministry. 

*A Family Lifestyle Ministry is taking Christ and putting Him into our life, in all aspects and at every stage. Everything we do is about individuals growing in Christ. Evangelism and Discipleship permeate all our ministries.

Value Statements:

At Bethany, there are a few things that we are deeply committed to.

  1. Worship that Glorifies God.
  2. Evangelical preaching based on the authority of God’s Word.
  3. Be the Family of God.
  4. Expanding God’s Kingdom on this Earth through local, national, and global missions.
  5. Each individual’s emotional, physical and spiritual restoration through a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  6. Personal Bible Study and Prayer, which promoted each individual’s growth in the Holy Spirit.
  7. Lay ministry through the discovery of each individual’s spiritual gifts and enabling their use.

The Bethany Principles and Philosophies

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Our Church Discipline

Centered on Christ and the Scripture
  • Bethany recognizes Jesus Christ as the head of the Church, with the foundations for governance being the authority of Scripture, the Bethany By Laws, and the United Methodist Church Discipline.
  • Bethany makes decisions based upon the principles of Scripture and the guidance of earnest, constant and expectant prayer.
  • Bethany‘s goal is to be intentional about offering a Discipleship Pathway* to all believers. The purpose is to help people move from exploring to getting started to going deeper to centering on Christ.
  • Bethany sees corporate worship as a vital ministry which can take many forms. It includes music, prayer, and Bible teaching; the methods may vary but the message does not.
  • Bethany encourages and embraces innovation in worship and ministries. We willingly take risks in pursuing the Great Commission.

*See below

Pathway to Discipleship

We first need Personal Spiritual Practices with:

  • Exploring
  • Getting Started
  • Going Deeper
  • Centering

We also need a strong Christian Community.

Ministry Commitment
  • Bethany is committed to supporting a wide and diverse variety of ministries to (1) address the spiritual and lifestyle needs of the congregation, and (2) as an outreach opportunity to witness to the community. We teach and expect all members of the congregation to practice the discipline of stewardship of ministry through the personal application of their spiritual gifts.
  • Bethany is a permission giving church and is committed to equipping servants for ministry. We support ministries which have clear vision, purpose, structure, are true to God’s word, and honor the Lord. We have strategies and support for funding and staffing, and provide coaching and tools for new ministries. We actively encourage innovation in all areas of ministry.
  • Bethany regularly prays for, assesses and actively manages all ministries, whether led by the staff or laity.
  • Bethany encourages collaboration in order to amplify and synergize our ministries. We are open to combining resources in partnerships with other churches, particularly at the local level.
Mission Focus
  • Bethany is a missional church and we honor that commitment by steadily increasing our giving every year. Our goal is to direct one half of our offerings towards missions.
  • Bethany’s missions scope covers the spiritual, social, physical and emotional needs of all peoples on local, regional, national and global levels.
  • Bethany recognizes that ministry and missions are intertwined. They are all about bringing new people to the faith and discipling believers.
  • Bethany maintains and regularly reassess a detailed Missions Strategy which is used to direct our giving. This strategy is influenced by culture, demographics, local and global events.
  • Bethany’s missions are carefully vetted and managed. We maintain a Missions Education Program to provide transparency of the process and to keep the congregation informed about the mission fields and the impacts of our giving.
Governance Framework
  • Bethany recognizes vision as critical to our mission. We maintain a Strategic Plan to guide how we enable and grow our worship, missions and ministries.
  • Bethany’s local congregation is governed by a church council.
  • Bethany is committed to our staff and clergy. This includes having clear job descriptions and goals, fair and competitive pay, annual performance reviews, a safe and spiritually nurturing work environment, and support for training and professional development.
  • Bethany is committed to identifying and developing lay leadership. Leadership responsibility is given to persons who have demonstrated spiritual maturity, and by their ability, gifts and training.
  • Bethany’s buildings and grounds are a testament to the community; they are highly functional, nice in appearance, clean and well kept.
  • Bethany applies best practices in operations and administration in order to be efficient and cost conscious stewards.
  • Bethany seeks out and embraces best practices and we engage in bench marking and apply data creation, collection, reporting and use in all areas.
  • Bethany recognizes technology as a pervasive and powerful theme within our culture, and we maintain a Technology Strategy to guide its application to how we serve, communicate, witness and worship.