Our History, Our Story, and Our Future

Who is Bethany? Where did we begin? How did we get here? And where are we going?

Bethany’s History

Bethany’s History can be traced all the way back to the 1800’s, and we have been growing since! We have exciting plans for our future and hope you can be a part of it. Scroll down and use the arrows to navigate through our history starting from our roots in the 1800’s all the way to present day and beyond!

Early 1800's

Bethany’s history can be traced all the way back to the early 1800’s when seven local churches on the Lehigh Circuit of the Evangelical Association were served by one pastor and one assistant.


It was in 1967 that the Emmanuel E.U.B. Church of Wescosville, PA joined with the Zion E.U.B. Church of Emmaus, PA to form the Bethany United Methodist Church. It was a few years later that Salem E.U.B. of East Texas, PA, joined the fellowship to create the Bethany Church we have today.


Bethany Building Project


1995 was the year that God created a vision for Bethany to take a leap of faith and add another worship service. Prior to 1995, Bethany had two traditional worship services held on Sunday mornings, one at 8:00 am and one at 10:30 am. The additional worship service was added and held at 9:15 am on Sunday mornings and began downstairs in our Fellowship Hall. With the new service also came a different music style. The service was small at first but after a short time, God allowed this new service to grow beyond anyone’s expectations. In 2000, the 9:15 service had to be moved to upstairs into the sanctuary as it had outgrown the downstairs Fellowship Hall.


Even after the move of the 9:15 am service to the Sanctuary, the congregation kept growing rapidly. Again, God provided us with a way to accommodate our growing congregation. It was in the Fall of 2001 that we added a Saturday night service.
As attendance for the 9:15 am Contemporary service kept growing, it was clear another act of faith was called for. Later in 2004, the 10:45 am service was changed into a contemporary worship service to accommodate the overcrowded 9:15 am service.

2008 - Present

It was around 2008 when the church decided to move toward another building program on a second site. As our ministries and congregation grew, we knew more space was needed. We hoped to have a new worship center and education building built within the next few years.
It took us a few years, but we built the second location and that is where we are today. Our mission, hope, and prayer became a reality with the building of this new facility as it will further the growth of the kingdom of God. We still use our previous site for lots of our ministries, as well our church office.

Bethany's Future

As we expect for Bethany to grow, we are still focused on the Kingdom Building Mission. Our current goal is to eventually add a new wing to the Macungie Campus, expanding our space and increasing our ability to host activities and events there.