Tyler Behnke

Tyler Behnke

Technical Arts Associate

About Me

Tyler is a Lehigh Valley native with Ohio dual-citizenship. While attending Cedarville University studying Broadcasting and Digital Media, Tyler met Taylor and was embarrassed to discover that, despite her in-progress English degree, she was better at everything Tyler was studying. They have since married, and Taylor remains the more talented Behnke.

Tyler designs and implements the audio/visual elements of Bethany’s worship services. This includes sermon graphics, announcement videos, Bethany-specific media, lighting, stage design, and more.

Through all of his work at Bethany, Tyler’s primary goal is to transparently facilitate worship; that is, an authentic conversation with the creator and sustainer of the universe. Tyler manages the volunteer tech staff in the sound booth each weekend, but if he does his job right, attendees of the services won’t even know he’s back there.

Galatians 6:14