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Men's Breakfast

Every third Saturday at 8:30 am at the Wescosville Campus in Carlson Hall. Join us for food, fellowship and a great message.  $5 at the door.

Vision Statement

To bring Non- Christians and un-churched men into a relationship with Jesus Christ and   to encourage Christian men to “Stand up for Jesus”, and effectively serve him. 

Mission Statement

To bring every man into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to provide opportunities for men to build strong relationships with other men and grow as followers of Christ, thereby becoming leaders who serve the Lord at home, at work, at church and at play.

Priority Statement

Encouraging men to:   Be the spiritual leaders of their homes
                                                 Build a strong spiritual relationship with Christ
                                                 Build solid relationships with other Christian Men

Upcoming EVENTS

Purple Truck Run @ Bethany Church, Macungie
Jun 26 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Ford is giving 3 hydrolic assist F-150 trucks to amputee veterans who were awarded the Purple Heart for injuries sustained against an armed enemy. One truck is on tour coast to coast and is stopping in Macungie! Bethany Church is partnering with the Order of the Purple heart to host a ceremony celebrating this generous programs for veterans.

Tuesday June 26th, 10 am Bethany Church, 3801 Brookside Road.
There will be a demonstration of the truck, free lunch and Keynote speakers.

“Mobility is Freedom”

Celebrate Recovery Men’s Step Studies @ Macungie Campus, Rooms 309 & 310
Jun 26 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ centered 12 step program based on Biblical principles with the purpose of letting God restore our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health with His healing power.  During the 6 month program, men meet on Tuesdays to take step towards recovery, which is the core of the program.  Due to confidentiality, please contact Pastor Nelson in the church office if you would like to attend or if you would like some resource material.

  • Facilitators:  Ed Grob & Dick Farrell
  • Location:  Rooms 309 & 310
Mountain Movers – Men’s Group @ Wescosville Campus, Conference Room
Jun 27 @ 6:30 am – 7:30 am

Stop in on your way to work early on Wednesday!  Stay for a short while or join us for the hour and gain strength for your day.  Join this group and connect with guys whose focus is how to live out a Godly life with all the human struggles.  Currently, this group is studying the Gospel of Matthew through The Visual Bible and the Parables: Stories Jesus Told participant guide.  This group welcomes new participants to join them as they read and study the Word of God and form bonds of friendship.

  • Facilitator:  Rob Smigielski
  • Location:  Conference Room

Men’s Small Groups

Dare to make a difference. Make an impact on yourself, your family, your church and your community. Join a small group today!

Men’s Prayer Focus



Today is Father’s day and I would like us to reflect on the day and focus our prayers on being fathers this week:

Ephesians 6:4

Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.

Consider This:  Taken from By Jonathan L. Perz, the Expository Files from

“There is no role in our modern society that suffers greater neglect as far as God is concerned than that of the father.”

Not exasperating your children means not to purposefully do things that make their children scornful, angry, resentful, discouraged and bitter.”

Training and instructing your children in the way of the Lord:

“The need for this command to be realized in today’s society could not be more keenly felt. Under Christ, the father is the spiritual head of the home. His presence (i.e., Christ’s through the example and teaching of the father) should be felt in the home, in its rules, its worship, and through the father’s gentle love, leadership and example. One of our biggest problems is that too many fathers are not spiritual men. This must change.”

“Children are a blessing from the Lord (cf. Psa. 127:3-5). As with all blessings, there is accountability. Fathers must realize that the Spirit gave this charge regarding our children to us. He did not give it to the mother, He did not give it to the daycare. He did not give it to the babysitter. He did not give it to the nanny. He did not give it to the grandparents. Nor did He give it to the church, the school or the youth program. He gave it to fathers.”

“This means that we must endeavor to bring up godly children despite the immorality and wickedness of the today’s world.”

The Song Good Good Father says “You’re a Good Good Father It’s who you are……and I am love by you.

Pray this week guys that your children can say just that.  You’re a Good Good father, it’s who you are and I am loved by you.

And pray that you are a spiritual father, leading a spiritual home, in a spiritual way that brings up spiritual children.

Thanks for you continued prayers,

Paul A.

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