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Join us for a free form discussion about your Life, Faith, and Thoughts on Saturdays at 7pm.


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Are you between the ages of 18 to 28? We would like to invite you to SPOKEN. SPOKEN is our young adult ministry here at Bethany where you will experience fellowship, music, snacks and activities with like minded Christians from your age group. The best part of this ministry is you won’t be sat down and lectured. In this ministry you have a voice. We will be watching a short faith based video, and afterward we will gather together to discuss how it fits your faith walk and your quest to carry out God’s word in your life.

What you have to say is important.

This is your chance to speak.

This is your chance to be heard.

You have a voice, and you have SPOKEN

 Join us on Saturday at 7:00 PM in fellowship hall.

SPOKEN Life Groups

These are small groups of 4-5 that are designed to do three things well. First, to develop and reinforce our spiritual lives. Second, to give us the opportunity for accountability. And third, to deepen in our relationships with each other. These groups meet at the most convenient times for the members of each group, and they meet in our homes, a restaurant/diner, a coffeehouse, the church – wherever.

Digging Deep Bible Discussion

Digging Deep Bible Discussion for Young Adults Ages 18-28. During our discussions, we will put both the Old Testament and the New Testament to the test, challenging their authority, their authenticity, and their relevance to those of us living in the 21st century.

Starting January 29th at 11:00 am at our Macungie Campus. This group will meet weekly and there is childcare available.


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