How Do I…

Answers to many of the frequent questions that you may have.

Schedule a Baptism or Dedication

Here at Bethany we have infant and adult Baptism or infant and child dedication.  If you would like to schedule a baptism or dedication you need to first decide which one you would like.

Baptism – Pastor uses water.  Child or adult profess their acceptance of Christ.  Infant – parents profess for the child that they will bring the child up in the church.

Dedication – Parents dedicate the child to Christ.  When child (at any age) profess their accpetance of Christ, they can decide when to be baptized.

Baptism by Immersion – . Child or adult profess their acceptance of Christ.  Pastor fully immerses (dunks) them under water in the immersion baptismal.

Date and Service Time – Baptism/Dedication are done at all services except for the second week of the month.  We prefer to have no more than 2 per service.

Please call the church office at 610-395-3613 and one of the secretaries will help you with scheduling.

If the child is under 2 years old a secretary will contact you the week before the baptism/dedication regarding supplying family pictures.  These pictures will be displayed on the screen while Pastor Jim or a staff person walk the child around the sanctuary.


Get my offering envelopes or contribution summaries

The church financial secretary handles the distribution of offering envelopes and is also responsible for members’ contribution summaries and weekly counting of tithes and offerings.

Every year around the middle to end of November your next years offering envelope boxes can be found in the hallway by the MPR.  If you cannot find a box with your name on it or have a question regarding any of your contributions please contact Donna Long at 610-395-3613 ext. 27 or email her.

Get articles in the Bethany Post

This past year we started a new procedure of producing the Post every other month.  If you are interested in placing an article in the Post please place the article in the secretaries mailbox outside the office or e-mail it to the editor.

Get information in the Sunday Bulletin

Bulletin announcements are meant for upcoming events.  They should not be for something more than one month in advance.  Exceptions are for when events require pre-registration more than a month in advance.

All announcements should try to be said in 25 words or less.  Announcements need to be submitted to the editor by 5:00 p.m. every Tuesday.

Submit a name for the military list

If you have family or a friend that is in the military and would like their name on the screen, please contact  the office at 610-395-3613 or email us. We will send you a form that needs to be filled out and sent back to us.

Start a new ministry at Bethany

The New Ministry Jumpstart Guide was developed over the last year by the Church Council and is intended to assist those Bethany Connectors who feel called to pursue the development and implementation of a new ministry at Bethany church.  The document also includes a Resource Guide and a collection of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  Download the guide here.

Request a room at Bethany Church

A facilities request form needs to be filled out and returned to the church office or head custodian.  After it is reviewed by the Operations Team the Head Custodian will check the calendar for availability. You will be notified regarding the outcome of your request.  Please find a copy of form in the top block.

Obtain audio, video or lighting for my event

One major detail that most people forget about till the day before their event is audio, video and lighting.  Most people also are under the impression that all of these things can be run by one person when actually you could possibly need 3 or 4 different people in this area to help your event run smoothly.

Bethany has a form called the Event Planning Checklist that needs to be filled out and handed into the Director of Technical Arts, Tyler Behnke, at least one month before your event.